EcoSMART360 – Aggregation Automated!

Data aggregation is the collection of data from publicly available sources and curated using human intelligence or through automation. It is the process of searching databases with relevant search query, aggregate data and present data findings in a summarized format that is meaningful and useful for the end user / business houses.
The amount of information you get out of internet is a raw content and needs lot of efforts to convert into meaningful business insight. Our data aggregation application makes it easy to combine data from multiple sources to the destined location in the format of your choice.
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Furniture ecommerce is gearing up to exploit digitization


Furniture ecommerce is embracing the trend of growing with increased sales with more and more people buying big ticket furniture online.  Though this category is in growth phase, it is not the fastest growing category like other product categories that penetrate ecommerce better.  The researchers say that there is a gap in online research and online sales and people predominantly use the web for research not leading to sale.
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Enrich your product catalog to convert Browser to Buyer


Product Catalog Management – Cognitio360

If you are keen to expand the customer base and convert maximum number of browsers into customers, it’s time for you to have up- to-date product catalog. E-commerce continues to grow rapidly and having Product catalog is important for any e-commerce retailer / platform to succeed. The search patterns and search results differ from individual to individual and it is important Continue reading

E-commerce trends to be watched out in 2017

It is safe to say that the sales have rocketed during the second half of 2016, marking almost 16% of year-over-year. There is also a data where 51% Americans prefer to shop online rather than in physical stores. It’s time to embrace the digital presence strongly, to succeed in this race.

The online retailers and merchants are focusing on regular offerings that include new product launches, offers and promotions throughout the year rather than focusing on shopping season, particular period / event, particular segment of people or group of people also limited inventory strategy to take advantage of continual sales cycle to expand their market share.

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