E-commerce trends to be watched out in 2017

It is safe to say that the sales have rocketed during the second half of 2016, marking almost 16% of year-over-year. There is also a data where 51% Americans prefer to shop online rather than in physical stores. It’s time to embrace the digital presence strongly, to succeed in this race.

The online retailers and merchants are focusing on regular offerings that include new product launches, offers and promotions throughout the year rather than focusing on shopping season, particular period / event, particular segment of people or group of people also limited inventory strategy to take advantage of continual sales cycle to expand their market share.

Off late there is a trend where consumers enjoy a personalized shopping experience via online. Customers love to see the products that pop up based on their previous orders or browsing history, also love their names popping up whenever they log in or see their name in the newsletter.

All these are possible with unique content and analytics on particular visitors past purchases, product and brand recommendations that drives more visits, impressions and leads to sale. The unique content is not only the visual appeal of a product in the product page but also informative and engaging stories about the brand, product and reviews that can be kept consistent across platforms.

In today’s scenario, with more customer awareness and demand for enriched product catalogs and engaging product pages, the merchant or online retailer or the brick-and-mortar store aspiring for its online presence can’t ignore the enriched product catalogs. This means the catalog must include product attributes, features, related products information, creative unique product description that describes the product that is sold online.

More is better: The genuineness of the product in online retail is the huge obstacle since the buyer is apprehensive of product authenticity. More the information about the product, such as product specification, Images, product description, related products and reviews, better the acceptance. To keep the momentum and refresh the data at frequent intervals for existing products and the new products added, it is quite a daunting task for the merchant / online retailer, since their goals and eye on revenue and expansion will take a back seat. Cognitio360 helps the merchants to manage their data, relieving them from the daily non-core activities thereby allowing them to focus on their business goals.

At Cognitio360 we help the merchants to aggregate, enrich and compile data and deliver them in the format requested to best suit their different channel partners. Apart from data aggregation we write SEO enabled product titles, unique product descriptions for better search results in the search engines.

Our crawlers are run in cloud so there is absolute data security and no down time. The automation makes the product data aggregation faster and it is vital to have better content for more business. As an online retailer your focus should be on content that will convert the visitors as your customers. Say goodbye to poor product data and contact us today:

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