Furniture ecommerce is gearing up to exploit digitization


Furniture ecommerce is embracing the trend of growing with increased sales with more and more people buying big ticket furniture online.  Though this category is in growth phase, it is not the fastest growing category like other product categories that penetrate ecommerce better.  The researchers say that there is a gap in online research and online sales and people predominantly use the web for research not leading to sale.

Global furniture industry is growing with a boom in housing sector, education and business houses, but it is still untapped in ecommerce segment with approx. 4% online penetration.  This is because furniture is a complex category as such and visualization, touch and feel factors decide the sale of products.


How can the furniture retail become so big so quickly online like any other product category?

Constant innovations on designs and decor that fits functionally and aesthetically to suit small homes and condos are the interesting factors for Millennials who are major group of people shop lifestyle furniture online due to wide range of choices, sleek furniture options, combo / affordable products and accessories and so on.  Also, their extensive usage and comfort level in using digital devices help them to browse through wide range of choices available online that lead to sale.


Major Factors that will influence the growth of furniture ecommerce are

  • Adoption of technologies such as VR/AR which will give complete visual experience.
  • Enriched catalogs, Product Images, product placements and product package suggestions for stylized rooms will create visual effect and make the product purchase enjoyable.
  • Package of furniture with harmonizing furnishing and accessories that best suit the space be it home or office or educational institutions, will enhance the browsing experience and buying decision.
  • Brick & click stores with logistics partners across geographies.

Furniture is the hot category expected to grow exponentially and surpass other top categories ruling ecommerce segment.

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