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Data aggregation is the collection of data from publicly available sources and curated using human intelligence or through automation. It is the process of searching databases with relevant search query, aggregate data and present data findings in a summarized format that is meaningful and useful for the end user / business houses.
The amount of information you get out of internet is a raw content and needs lot of efforts to convert into meaningful business insight. Our data aggregation application makes it easy to combine data from multiple sources to the destined location in the format of your choice.


Process & Cost Effective:

Retailers, Partners, Sellers and platforms are manually managed, which is complex and labour intensive. Automation improves efficiency, quality of data and relieves valuable human skills for better and higher value tasks.

Customized Crawlers:

Custom web crawlers have the advantage of aggregating more targeted and actionable data points that require no further cleaning or filtering. Though the configuration is little time consuming you can stay confident that you get relevant data, also the custom crawlers outpace blocking issues.

Better ROI:

Automated data aggregation is more productive and efficient that gives you better ROI. You can get all required information you need without compromising the data quality apart from discounting the painstaking and time consuming processes.

The platform performs a valuable service in casting a wide net to compile relevant data into one big database.

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